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Wanna register for table space at the Texas Pipe Show? Sounds great. Please read the important info below before registering, however. We’d hate for you to feel silly later because you didn’t. 😉

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Wanna sell your wares at the Texas Pipe Show? We’d love to have you!

Table space IS limited, however, so we require vendors to register their space for a small fee. Registrations are available by the half table (which is generally enough to accommodate our carvers and most vendors) but you can reserve up to two tables using the dropdown.

Please be mindful that space is limited. Don’t register for more table than you absolutely need. Two tables is the max that any one vendor is allowed to register and the number of single and double-table registrations is extremely limited. If you have questions, please reach out to us via the contact form and we will work with you. We’re not trying to be jerks, we just don’t have unlimited space to work with. 😉

That said, we reserve the right to change table size reservations if we feel like we need to in order to best accommodate our vendor list.

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